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Church 55 – Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church

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My sister and her husband recently move to San Bernardino, California for his job with the City. She had been there about a month and this was their first time to attend the neighborhood church. My kids and a boyfriend were in tow so there were seven attendees in our group. The church a chapel feeling. It reminded me of a Swiss Chalet with the big mountain in the background and was very charming.

The moment we sat down one of the ushers asked my brother-in-law if his family would present the gifts. OMG! It’s our first time here. The pressure mounts. We have never done this before and there was no way to wiggle out of it graciously. Two days later I couldn’t stop laughing at the bumbling gift-givers that we must have looked like as we stumbled over one another and I begged my BIL to hold the book and go first. Our reverent bow at the altar was anything but. Our timing was off. My sister wants a do-over at a later date.

My favorite part was when the prayers were read. With deep sincerity the congregation prayed for the leadership and financial well-being of the city of San Bernardino in the midst of its recent bankruptcy. The mismanagement of money affects so many people and the can has been kicked as far as it will go. People in the congregation are directly or indirectly impacted; including my sister and her husband who recently relocated there.

May God smile upon the people and families of San Bernardino.



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