52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 47 – St. Helen Catholic Church and Impact Church – 2 for 1 Weekend!

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In week 47 I attended St. Helen Catholic Church for the First Communion and Confirmation of my youngest nephew, Troy. It was such a special experience for the family and we celebrated with a party and gifts afterward. We were in the hall in overflow seating and it was a little difficult to hear but we snuck into the main church right before communion and were actually able to see the whole thing. It was fun.

The Priest was from Uganda and spoke of past turmoil in his country. I believe it is very difficult to attract men to the Priesthood in America but can you imagine being a young man in a far off land where the possibility of the priesthood might be the difference between your next meal and starvation. He spoke of being a Catholic as a young boy but going to services with the Protestants for Easter and Christmas because they served meat and bread. This meal nourished him physically like the Holy Eucharist nourishes us spiritually.

I recently heard that 1500 Pastors leave their ministries each week because of all the stress related to the responsibility. That just sounds so high and so sad. Makes me wonder what we can all do to support those who serve in this capacity just a little more.

It was a very good day and we were so happy to share it with Troy.

Link to St. Helen: http://www.sthelenglendale.org/


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