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Week 6 Church 6 – Mission Community Church – Christian

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Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly – based on the vision of Micah 6:8 which I will need to put on my reading list! My little church buddy Candace and I attended Mission Community Church today with our friends – the Smith Family of Gilbert, AZ. Maximum occupancy 1651. Mission is a big church with stadium seating, cup holders and flat screens. The Volunteers wear uniforms that resemble gas station attendants. So as not to miss a word, the service is piped through a sound system that reaches you even in the ladies room:) They have an awesome baby room for nursing mothers and tea, coffee and water bottles in the courtyard. There were people everywhere and I thought to myself – with all this fun stuff – rock ‘n roll, iced tea, flat screens – what’s not to like? Mission has made going to church a fun event – it’s attractive.

The Pastor talked about their ministries and carrying out their international ministries on a local level as well. If they assists people with HIV in Africa, they also assist people with HIV right here in the Valley. This concept in action appealed to me as we often see the need abroad knowing that need also exists right here at home. The Pastor gave a history lesson through the Stories to Tell series and we actually learned a lot about the Catholic Church between 1100-1300 A.D. The focus was on a man named Wycliff – a Hero of the Faith – who basically sacrificed his life by suggesting that we should have a direct relationship with Jesus, not necessarily through the Pope. It was very interesting and made me realize there is SO much to learn. You could dedicate a lifetime to religious studies, perspectives, and history.

To lean more visit www.mission68.org


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