52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 10 Church 10 – Horizon Presbyterian Church

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Attended church again in Ahwatukee this Sunday. My daughter goes to
high school with the pastor’s son and suggested Horizon Presbyterian.
The service was very nice. Lots of music and a cute puppet show for the children. The people here were very welcoming and so friendly. I kind of
feel guilty when people are so nice to me everywhere I go and I know
that I won’t be back – at least not until next summer at the earliest.

I only took 2 photos. I sometimes feel awkward taking photos; especially being new. It’s easier when the kids tag along and I can snap away. I would have loved more photos of the stained glass. I love stained glass – it’s such an amazing art.

** Pastor Hawkins and his staff contacted me via email two weeks after I visited there to say hello and invite me back to church. They were kind enough to send me a photo of the stained glass for the blog. Horizon is the first church to contact me in 12 weeks. If the church has a newcomer card or guest book I always fill it out with my email. As someone who manages thousands of “leads” every year I appreciated the systems in place and the effort on the reach out. Thank you Horizon Presbyterian!** (Added August 30, 2011)

Several of the churches I have attended have their mission statement or core beliefs posted. I like that. For Horizon the Mission Statement is – Sharing the Promise of God’s grace in Worship, in Study, in Fellowship and in Service.

Pastor Hawkins talked about surprises being the norm with God and that there will be suffering but God warns us of this suffering and Christ will walk us through it. He also spoke of the beginning of Christianity coming from Judaism and that there were leaders of the day whose entire goal was to crush Christianity. Can you image what our lives might be like if there was no Christianity? Really think about that as you go through your day. We see it’s presence in art, history, literature, society, good works and on and on and on.

The more I attend church the more questions I have. Like do we pick religions based on pastors, priests, the community of people? Is it personality driven? If so, what happens when a much-loved pastor or priest leaves? Do we float into churches on accident or because that’s where we grew up? Do we consciously seek out a church or a faith that mirrors our inner beliefs? Do we stay in church because we like the people, the activities, the stained glass? And finally, what’s the core difference between all the churches that I have attended? To answer that, I would have to dig a lot deeper.

More information at www.horizonchurch.com


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