52 Churches 52 Weeks

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Week 30 – Camelback Seventh Day Adventist – Christian

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Candace, Marykay, Andy(her Boyfriend) and I attended the Camelback Seventh Day Adventist Church. It was a very beautiful, traditional church with an incredible window looking out upon Camelback Mountain. Church is held on Saturdays. This was one of the more formal churches we have attended – men in suits and ties, ladies in dresses and heals. Super cushy red velvet seats, kneeling with no kneelers. Lots of great music and a wonderful band. This was actually the most diverse church we have attended.

Interesting to me was the discussion of funds and the church’s vision for its future. Right in their bulletin they list the operating expenses and total income and donations for the year. Did you know that it takes about $6,000 a week to run a church of that size? Wow! The church is $54,000 behind on its annual budget. I loved that they put it out there like that. They asked for generousity in giving. The speaker mentioned that while the economy has been very bad, God has been very good to us.

The church leadership began meeting in October to develop a new vision for the church. This strategic planning includes a weekly children’s ministry, increased fellowship, intentional worship, and name tags for all! It was so interesting to hear the thought that went into furthering their church within their ranks and within their community. Love the idea of being intentional and seeking guidance from people who are close to God.

Afterwards, lunch and a little shopping at the Scottsdale Fashion Mall. That was the leverage with which I got the teens to join me on this New Year’s Eve Sabbath. It’s probably best to start them young and make it a family affair from the very beginning. Hopefully they will find their way to God in spite of their lapsed Catholic Mother and Buddhist Father.

Here is the link to this pretty church – http://www.camelbackchurch.net/


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