52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 51 – Desert Hills Presbyterian Church

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Have you ever noticed General Tso’s Chicken listed on the menu of your favorite Chinese restaurant? I swear, it’s on every Chinese menu. I see it there and occasionally wonder who is that guy? It’s a short-lived, passing and soon forgotten thought as I move through my egg drop soup straight to my Kung Pao Chicken. For me it’s the same with so much of the religious language that I know nothing about.

I will never forget this service. I am drawing to a close of my committment and the Church Goers at Desert Hills Presbyterian all wore Red today. It was quite a sight and I just had to ask the greeter. Pentecost Sunday. Darn it! There is another thing I just have no clue about! It’s always been words with no explanation, no research, no digging deeper, no asking questions. Just keep moving through the day to whatever happens to be next. The congregation looked like dedicated sports fans showing up for their favorite team. God. Today is Pentecost Sunday and my brain draws a parallel between the words Pentecost Sunday and General Tso’s Chicken. I probably need a Bible for Dummies book at this point.

Desert Hills is a beautiful church located on the corner of Scottsdale Road and Carefree Highway and sits at the base of the amazing Boulders that we all know so well. The church literally has rocks built right into its structure. The view from the pews is incredible.

Couple of interesting things from the service. The Minister speaks the Prayers of the People. He covered so much ground in an open prayer spoken from the heart. It was fascinating. He hit all the concerns, fears, hopes and dreams that swirl around most of us on a daily basis. Loved that!

The man who gave the sermon mentioned that he and his wife traveled to Israel several years ago and throughout their visit experienced a number of feasts and celebrations. He asked his guide about the feasts and was informed that this particular day’s feast was found in Leviticus chapter something, verse something. The feast was tied to Passover which was tied to Moses and the 10 Commandments and so on and so forth. The feasts were the result of harvest times and given as an offering to God with the understanding that all things come from God. And somehow this is all tied to Pentecost Sunday.

Today was a reminder for me. All things come from God. We are able to do what we do and hang on and move forward through Him. We are not alone, not ever. I am grateful for today, for this moment, and for the thought that Our Lord and His Son might some day be as popular in China as General Tso Chicken is in America.






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