52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Church 3 Week 3 – Cornerstone Chandler – Christian

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Attending this church was so much fun. A cross between Rainforest Cafe and Makutu’s Island this is a playground for worshipers young and old! From Shuttle Service to a Starbucks-like latte counter, ice cold bottles of water and a free bible if you need one, Cornerstone, is a rock n’ roll event. This is the church with all the bumper stickers trolling through the south east valley.

Marykay, Cathrine, Candice and I attended with Denise, a co-worker, on Cathrine’s last day in Arizona. My 4 year old rocked out with the band in the front row! Cornerstone has an amazing ability to connect with the worshipers and deliver what today’s church goers seem to crave – a sense of community in a technologically centered world. Loved it and would definitely go back.

Learn more at www.cschandler.com


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