52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 33 – Mission San Xavier del Bac – Catholic

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Tess, Candace and I drove out to the desert south of Tucson today to attend Catholic Mass at the very old Mission San Xavier del Bac. It is such a wonderful mix of history, culture and tradition. Extremely ornate, yet faded and perfectly simple. Wooden benches, chiming bells, altar men in suits and jeans. Outside, Indian Fry Bread stalls.

I wondered at the priest assigned to this Mission in almost the middle of nowhere. He had served in Russia along his journey. As we left, a woman held the framed picture of a loved one out to him and he blessed the person it represented. The people – Diverse, Devout, Faithful, Tourists.

The priest tells us a Mission is a noun and a verb. Ask yourself, “What is my mission?” Do we hear our mission? Do we accept our mission? I love that concept but I think I must either be hearing impaired or thick-headed. Not sure my mission is clear šŸ™‚

The priest told us of the story of Jonah and how God gives all of us second chances. That’s a very good thing because I have needed plenty of those along the way!

A beautiful and amazing church. If you ever go, walk through the museum and see all the cool passageways and history. You really have to marvel at the idea that the church built this sanctuary in the middle of a dry, dusty desert.

Check out this amazaing church built in 1783: http://www.sanxaviermission.org/


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