52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 39 – Lamb of God Lutheran Church – Lutheran

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My goal this Sunday was early and nearby. I almost feel guilty being so calculating in trying to balance attending services and getting all my other life stuff done. There is truly never enough time. Lamb of God is literally one-quarter of a mile away. It’s the place I vote. Except that I have never ventured past the lobby when voting.

I invited Candace to attend with me but she boldly informed me that I needed to go on my own today because it was a holiday and she had a lot to do. Hmmm… It’s kind of sad when your 5 year-old declines and you realize you haven’t properly laid the foundation. I felt a moment of panic that the year better end soon so I can get my family on a regular church service pattern. I waffle between thinking that I’ll never attend church after the year is over and thinking I need to commit for the sake of my children. Hopefully it’s not too late for them.

This church is beautifully built right against a massive rock wall, high up on a hill in Ahwatukee. The altar base is a huge rock plucked straight from the wall outside. The natural lighting is amazing. I see so many differences in architecture, lighting and concept at the churches I visit that I often wonder about people who design them. What goes into the process of developing the concept? Is this a committee thing or a kit you order from an on-line church building company? If you were to design a place of worship would it be functional, simple, ornate, dim, bright, have an alter, a cross, or a vase of flowers? Would there be candles and what do they symbolize? Would there be a stage to rock out on or a quiet place to reflect? Would your church be a tribute to God in its beauty? Would it make you feel small like a pebble on a beach or a star in the sky? Would there be a garden view or no windows at all – like our modern schools? Next time to you go to church look around. What do you see? How does it make you feel?

The Lutherans do observe Lent and we learned that as humans we need Divine Intervention to be saved from our sins. Sin separates us from God. The Pastor asked that we not take our sins lightly. There are so many things in life that are beyond us and only God can intervene on our behalf. Only God gives life and only God gives eternal life.

On this Sunday baby Natalie was baptized. The water was symbolic of God putting his mark on her and claiming her as his own just her parents put their signature on her adoption papers and claimed her as their own. It was a really emotional and happy moment for the family.

I remember the sense of urgency I had to baptise my own children. I wanted them protected. The solid rock altar and my sweet Candace remind me that I have not fully done my job as a parent in preparing their spiritual and religious foundation. If we do not make a decision early on to have God as the central part of their lives where will they put their faith, hope and trust? What will they believe in? Will they flounder through life always searching for meaning? Will they look for happiness in man-made things that will eventually disappoint? I will do better.

Here is the link to the Lamb of God Church – http://www.mylambofgod.org/


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