52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Church 53 – Lakeside Christian Church – Montana

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Attended Lakeside Christian Church this Father’s Day with my children while my Buddhist husband installed the tile around our Amish wood stove. Church was amazing and really helped my children finally feel part of the community. They finally bought in to the whole Montana thing and it was because of the people.

We heard that a man should be strong for his family and that young people who cannot take care of themselves or get out of bed in the morning are not ready to look for a wife. We heard that a man should earnestly determine if he was a weakling or not. Children should listen to mother and mother should not ever have to beg twice for a chore. I was loving this and was seriously hoping my children would listen. It was awesome. He was on fire! One of his favorite movies is Courageous. It’s a Christian movie about the importance of fathers in our lives. The neighbors lent us this movie and it is so good. Two thumbs up! The interesting thing about this service was that we talked about the Pastor’s message for days. It validated me as a parent and possibly made my job a little easier. I was happy that I could share the experience with my children and then ever so sweetly remind them that mother should not have to beg for chores to be completed. Now that is true joy!

After the service we attended the pot luck and the girls made so many new friends. Later in the day the kids attended an Open House while I frantically finished painting my house. They met the neighbors and played in the rain in their long prairie girl type dresses. They returned with a borrowed chainsaw and happy faces.


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