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Week 37 – Unity of Phoenix – Christian

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Attended church this weekend with my Aunt Kathy. As a child she had gone to Unity of Phoenix with her grandfather; my great-grandfather. Years ago it relocated to 16th Street and Greenway from its original location at 15th Avenue and Northern.

The most fascinating thing for me was the meditation time. I have never meditated before and it was amazing. The Pastor and pianist led a collective meditation which eased into quiet. You could have heard a pin drop. That many people all meditating – it was powerful. I felt my entire body relax and my mind cleared. It physically felt very different to me than prayer. I often get lost in prayer and second guess my prayers as they ricochet around in my brain. Maybe I am asking too much or being selfish, or I’m praying for the wrong things – see how that works!? Meditation was completely different. It was very freeing.

The Pastor then spoke on the topics of order and zeal explaining there is a natural order to the all things. A seed is planted, it soaks in the soil, it sprouts, grows and flowers in that order. The natural order cannot be changed. We tend to rush the natural order of things with our impatience. The Pastor’s mother would often say to him, “Everything in Divine Order, Everything is in the Right Place at the Right Time. Divine Order is Established in my Mind, my Life and my Body.” He would repeat this back to her with a little attitude until one day he realized that his situation had not changed but he had. He began to believe and understand the natural order of what God had in store for him. I love this concept and have often felt this in my own life. I think I should make a T-shirt or wall calendar with this mantra on it to remind me that I AM actually in the right place because I have been doubting that on so many levels.

Reverend Maraj was reminiscent of a motivational speaker while he talked on zeal and enthusiasm. It was very engaging! We have a choice about how we approach our days. We can jump out of bed each day with purpose and zeal, or not. Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. We need to sizzle!

One of the things I liked about this church was that they put their core beliefs in their welcome booklet. I have seen that in other churches in the form of mission statements or banners. It’s interesting. Unity describes itself as “Positive, Practical Christianity” not focused on Original Sin but on Original Blessings. Unity also has a fabulous Christian gift and book store. Take a peek sometime.

To visit this church click here: http://www.unityphx.org/


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