52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 13 – CrossRoads Nazarene Church – Christian

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When you read the bible put yourself in the middle of the story. Loved that little nugget from the Pastor today. Be there. Be present. Feel it. Live it.

Goro’s boss, Steve, had recommended CrossRoads earlier this summer and Candace and I made it there today. Had a good time with the music and learning about the establishment of the Church in ACTS. The Pastor was a very theatrical and performance driven storyteller. He put us all right there in the story. That is a true gift.

He spoke of the prisons we build around ourselves and the chains that bind us. He reminds us that prayer is the battlefield and with intercessory prayer we can break free from our chains and prisons. When God instructs you – Do. When we trust in God we don’t need to know the end results – the way to freedom is through radical obedience to Him. We don’t have to settle for less. God wants awesome things for his people.

When church ends I sometimes mindlessly wander out with the masses. Today, Candace and I stayed afterwards and explored. In the back, behind the stage, we discovered a beautiful Prayer Room. I cannot express how much I was moved by that room. It was fascinating. An enormous map of the world with Post-It Note Prayers in different geographical locations, a cross with prayers thumb tacked to it, kneelers and framed prayers for our Leaders, our Teachers, our Military. Best Kept Secret -behind the stage! Highly recommend visiting the Prayer Room and wish we could have little prayer spaces open all over town.

I wish my photos were better. I forgot the camera and these are from my Blackberry.

To learn more visit http://www.crossroadsnazarene.org/


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