52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 7 Church 7 – Foothills Baptist Church – Baptist

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I hadn’t realized how much I missed church pews until we visited Foothills Baptist Church in Ahwatukee this Sunday. We have done lawn chairs, pews and stadium seating! Wonder what will be next? Enjoyed staying close to home this week while visiting a Baptist Church for the very first time. Most of us have certain stereotypes related to what we think is going on with a certain religion and I will admit that mine had to do with Music! For some reason I thought Baptists didn’t do music or dancing. When I dig deep in the grey matter I wonder if it might be related to Foot Loose! I will need to see that movie again soon. I digress!

Upon entering the Church I was completely overwhelmed by the cacophony of the choir practicing while the orchestra warmed up. It was a LOT of sound! The Orchestra and Choir opened for about 20 minutes, words flashing on big screens to follow along. The stage is the focal point, not the altar. There were some amazing singers and if you were kid growing up in this Church you would definitely want to learn how to play an instrument! They did the offering and then the Pastor spoke. What strikes me at the Christian, Non-Catholic Churches is the deep heart-felt expression of love for Jesus that I hear in the sermons. And they don’t really feel like sermons. It feels like someone is sitting with you in your family room and talking with just you. It seems connected and real.

The Pastor was recently married and talked about his honeymoon. While in Europe he saw the deep devotion to our Lord in Literature, Art, History, Music and Architecture. I have not been to Europe yet but that’s what I imagine from afar. He also spoke about the ripple affect of sin in the world and how it does effect everyone. Using airport security screenings and security as an example, he spoke of a time when he remembers walking straight to the plane. Those were the days. And finally, my favorite – “the essence of motherhood is love.” Love will overcome sin if we cultivate it, model it, practice it and live it even when we don’t feel like it. Good message. Thank you Foothills Baptist.

Visit this church at WWW.foothillsbaptist.org


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