52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 18 – Mountain Park Community Church – Christian

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One of Marykay’s friends is very active in MPCC and encouraged us to attend once she heard about our church exploration project. She spends Monday nights, Wednesday nights and most of Sunday there leading groups and participating in worship. I was so excited to go because I knew the friend’s endorsement meant that Marykay would also be joining me!

Mountain Park Community is of the Mega, Rock and Roll church variety and it was a pleasure to attend with both Marykay and Candace. Once again, Candace had us sitting right up front so she could rock out with the band. One man even gave her a lollipop for being so darn cute.

Today’s pastor was a great communicator. Some people just have that certain gift; the ability to convey their message with heartfelt passion in a way that we can relate to. The amount of knowledge stuffed in their heads is amazing! He mentioned that some people focus on learning lyrics to their favorite song or know each play in an important championship game. He asked us to dedicate that kind of focus and passion to learning our scriptures. This is the part where I wonder why I forgot to buy a bible again this week. Throw in a V8 with that bible!

Today’s message involved our personal character arc as we grow in our relationship with God. We can stumble through life or we can be intentional. What is our quest? Where are we now and where does God want us to be? Noah’s quest was to build and arc. We must look in our hearts and evaluate our beliefs. Belief changes our character – sometimes for the best and sometimes, not so much. Behavior modification is not enough – it will not work longterm. He asked us to check our patterns of behavior – with the credit cards or the business trips, or trying to change others to suit our needs. He asked us to Glorify God in all that we do and ask ourselves, “what do I believe?”

One of my favorite things he said was that without the presence of God it’s all just a bunch of words bouncing off walls. I asked Marykay afterward – “Do you really listen when the Pastor speaks or has your mind wandered off?” She is a good listener. At her age, I was not. I think you have to want to listen and then to hear. They are two different things really.

My favorite thing about this church was the unique way they handled the end of the service. There are 7 stations within the church and after the Pastor was done speaking he invited the congregation to spend the next 10 minutes at any station they desired. We could Visit The Cross, Light Prayer Candles, Pray at the Front Steps, Receive Anointing Oil, Take Communion, Deposit an Offering, or Pray as a Group. Or, remain at your chair. It was really so incredibly moving. I actually leaked from my eyes just a bit. Candace and Marykay prayed at the front. The band played softly throughout.

Thank you, Marykay’s friend for inviting us to attend a place you love to be! It was a good morning.

To visit this church: http://mountainpark.org/


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