52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Random Thoughts

At the point where I am seeing and experiencing a lot of frustration in my life and all around me. Praying for guidance in decisions I should make. I want to accomplish so much and everything seems so slow… My main prayer is, “God protect us. Please protect me from myself.” Maybe I am actually being protected and that’s why I have to wait. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I am open to that and try not to be attached to outcomes.

I worry about my daughter, Marykay. I pray for her happiness and peace in her heart.

Had a visit by the Mormon Missionaries last week. It was interesting to hear them share their faith with us. Candace told them she was a vampire. Thank you Edward and Bella. I told them maybe we should have called a priest for an exorcism instead. I think I may have scared them 🙂

I love beautiful church gardens.

Why does the Virgin Mary wear Red and Blue when depicted in Christian Art?

I came upon a “Drive Thru Prayer” opportunity today and I was like, “Right On, I am Totally Doing That!” The signs were professionally made and when I pulled around the chairs underneath the pop up tent and the water jug were all by their lonesome. Alas, no humans to do Drive Thru Prayer with me today. Maybe next time 🙂

Thank you Misty for the King James Bible and the Book of Mormon. Appreciate it so much!

A second church in the past 24 weeks has contacted me via email and is sending me their blast info. I really think it’s the way to go to drip on the faithful through email campaigns. It’s sad the number is not higher.

Thanks Mom for the Catholic Bible. Love it!

Did you know that you can buy old bibles for super cheap at Goodwill? Kind of sad that they get donated but they do.

The Pastors at the mega churches love their blue jeans and plaid shirts. I sometimes wonder if they all text each other on what to wear!

I think it’s time I buy myself a church bible. It’s hard to look up bible passages on Blackberry in a fast paced, page flipping church.

On the playground after services the boys claimed the treehouse as their territory and blocked out all the little girls. The irony of the message from service and the playground reality was not lost on us.

Are Churches like McDonald’s – do you buy a franchise? How does one start a church?

Do Pastors and Priests scope out other churches to keep themselves fresh, motivated, engaged?

Some Churches are more interesting on the outside than on the inside.

I think Pastors and Priest are God’s Sales Force.

In 12 weeks only one church has contacted me as a newcomer. Are the churches letting the leads drop on the floor – so to speak? I always provide my email address on the newcomer card.

When times are tough and contributions probably down, do Pastors ever have to go get a “day job”?

Who invented the whole concept of sit, stand, kneel, sit, stand, kneel?

Can’t get busted in church for reading bible verses off your blackberry! I love that 🙂

Conflicting reports – worship down among Americans vs. reliance on church grows as economy weakens – wonder which it really is?

Is it true that incense was introduced to the church to hide the musky odor of the attendees. I guess they didn’t bath daily in olden times. Now incense is part of the ritual.

I am fascinated by Church Parking Lots and Traffic Flow. Across America or even the world how many parking spaces do you think are devoted to worship?

I have found that as I talk about my project people will share their God Story with you. Their upbringing, their beliefs, why they changed away from something to something else, what their parents did, why this that and so much more… it is fascinating. They are hungry to share on one of the forbidden topics.

I am surprised that I made it to week 7 and I like that my mind is actively engaged, learning something new.

I feel like a voyeur.

Invite me to your place of worship!

I finally understand the phrase, “preaching to the choir” in the literal sense.

The Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and Episcopal services are very, very similar.

I attended service today where 90% of the congregation was over 65 years old. It was in a highly urban location with a school attached. I see the challenge to keep the flow of people coming through the doors. Schools help with that. Inevitably, churches must be business savvy, have good leadership and attract new members in order to keep their doors open.


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