52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 41 – Esperanza Lutheran Church

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So big confession on this church. I have driven by this beautiful church every day for 8 years. I attended the service today. I sat down to write this blog and had thought I attended an Episcopalian church. When looking at the brochure it seriously hit me that it was a Lutheran church. Hmmm… So sorry Esperanza Lutheran! Maybe it’s a signage issue?

It reminded me of the Catholic Mass and the Episcopalian service in many ways. The Pastor wore the black shirt and white-collar. Many of the words and prayers were similar. Hands were held during The Our Father. We gave one another the sign of peace and communion was given.

The Pastor did not give a sermon but instead had a guest speaker to talk of the progress of the church’s efforts to help repair a rural school in Tanzania. There were many photos and it was very interesting. For approximately $8400 US a covered concrete and rock pathway was created so that the children could go from class to class without sliding down the steep mud embankments. They were also able to complete a large classroom to educate more children.

The church had guest singers Bill and Kate Isles. And oh dang how I wish I could sing. It is such an amazing gift. It’s like supermodels for the voice. Is that natural or is only like 5% of the population really able to sing like that? So much can be conveyed and accomplished through music. Here is their link – definitely worth a Facebook Like!

A couple of things I liked about this church – it is so interesting to look at and they had a bible at each chair. I never know what to expect. Sometimes you really wish you had a bible and other times the churches flash the words on the screen. And I know I can download the Bible app to my Droid and scroll my way through church – I just don’t want anyone thinking I’m texting.

I also thought their welcome message to people of all shapes and sizes, family structure, sexuality etc. was fascinating. I have seen this a couple of times and I see it both as a positive and as a little sad that it even has to be said. We live with so much insecurity about who we are as people. I would like to think that we can see beyond the external and situational directly into the core of the person – right to their soul and that our bodies and experiences are simply a vehicle as we pass through this life. I posted the photo of the Welcome message.

New thought from today’s church – Love Others wastefully. Love that concept big time.

And here is the link to Esperanza Lutheran – maybe it’s that first E that threw me off all these years? http://www.myesperanza.org/


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