52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 5 Church 5 – Family of Christ – Lutheran

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Today Candace and I attended Family of Christ Lutheran Church where she and her big sister Marykay had attended pre-school. This is a smaller church in Ahwatukee with a warm, family environment. The church was designed by a famous local architect, whose name escapes me, and I have always thought that a miniature version would make an excellent house. One time I even asked Betty at the front desk if I could see the plans.

Approximately 45 people attended the service and we knew several of them from our pre-school days. Pastor Fred did a great job explaining the four ways Christians sow the seeds of Christianity in their own hearts. As a formerly devout non-church goer it was all news to me and I was glad to hear this explained. I loved where he walked around personally and took the prayer requests. That seemed really special and possible in such an intimate gathering. It was so intimate in fact that at one point I wanted to raise my hand and ask a question. What a nerd! I had to hold myself back. Pastor Fred is a blogger so maybe the answers can be found there.

Afterward they served chocolate cake and people stayed to visit. It was really so nice. Thank you Family of Christ for making us feel at home.

For more information visit www.focaz.org


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