52 Churches 52 Weeks

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Week 42 – Impact Church – Christian

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At the blast email invitation of my State Farm Insurance Agent, Roz Bankston, Marykay and I attended church with her and her husband, Herb in North Scottsdale. It was so much fun. Roz has been my agent for probably 14 years and this was my first time to actually meet her. I love technology. If you didn’t care about going out in the world you could do almost everything in your jammies from home.

On this Sunday, they had a Revival Rock Out. It was awesome. It was a very diverse crowd with about a 50/50 black/white ratio. The Pastor had a great sense of humor and taught the white attendees how to clap on the up beat. Or was that the down beat? I don’t know because I actually can’t clap at all. For me it’s a coordination thing!

He spoke about the Book of Daniel. Daniel, unashamed took a stance against the King because of his faith in God. The King issued a 30 day no prayer decree. Anyone caught praying would be thrown to the lion’s den. Daniel took a stand and openly disobeyed. daniel was thrown to the lion’s den and he was protected by God. This led the pastor to his guest speakers, Basketball players A.C. Green and Cedric Ceballos, both Christian men who continue to take a stand. I was in Tokyo during their prime years in basketball so unfortunately I didn’t recognize their names but you might.

A.C. Green became a Christian at 17 years old after a Young Life retreat when an Alter Call invited all people willing to accept Christ in their lives to the front. Being 6’7″ and black he didn’t want to go first. God nudged him and after the third Alter Call he was the first to step up. The devil feeds on our insecurities and is a liar that keeps us down. A.C. focused on Matthew 6:33 – ‘Seek God first and But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.’ He believed that if he gave God his ALL this included his body. He took a stance like Daniel and declared that he would be a virgin until marriage. He believed that God wanted him to be a light in a dark place (the NBA) and happily declared that God is the ultimate head coach! The pastor pointed out that A.C.’s career spanned the generations between Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant; two men who may have succumbed to the dark place where A.C. let his light shine.

The pastor reminded us that we all have an arena – whether it is our family, our jobs or our school. We can choose to consciously live our lives to honor God.

It was such a fun day. Impact Church is in the Scottsdale Airpark. Larry Fitzgerald will be the guest speaker on April 22nd if you want to hear him speak on his faith.

More information here: http://www.impactchurch.com/

Link to our family State Farm insurance agent – http://www.statefarm.com/agent/US/AZ/Tempe/Roz-Bankston-5WM5M1YS000


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