52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 40 – Lakeside Christian Church

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During spring break we traveled to our home in NW Montana to do a mini-remodel and settle in. I attended the Lakeside Christian Church near the Canadian border. Many of the residents of this particular town are Amish and our property directly neighbors the one-room Amish school-house. This church reminded me of the Mennonite Church in many ways although they identify as Christians, not Mennonites. I later learned that many of the congregation were raised Amish. The Amish religion was originally a branch off from the Mennonite Church so the two have a history.

The service lasted two and half hours, followed by lunch and community. I only stayed for the service because I had to roll paint in our new abode. It was a great opportunity to meet many of my neighbors and I was able to offer my home for the upcoming Men’s Retreat later this month.

The music was amazing – all a capella and led by a young man with the most incredible voice. The people would pick the songs from the pews and at one point it seemed like the left side sang one part of a song and the right side sang another. It was stunning.

The women wore simple dresses with flowers and the traditional Mennonite style bonnet. The men, plaid shirts. There were many children with a typical family taking a full row or two of pews. The children were so well-behaved and I sat near the family who rented our house before we moved in.

The cross was raw wood, big, simple and held two large bolt like nails where Jesus’ hands would have been. I found these same types of nails in the closets of my Amish built home.

Many men contributed during the service, speaking, praying, sharing on behalf of their families, thanking the Lord and giving commentary on the sermon given by the minister. It was so fascinating. I took six pages of notes while trying to capture it all. There were talks on entering our new lives in Christ with energy and passion and 20 years later being a little less passionate and a little more worn out, being merciful, finding grace, living our lives to serve God and not self and finally a discussion on marriage. At the end a mic was passed for prayer requests, confessions and sharing.

I couldn’t find a website for the church but I kind of of figured they just don’t need one! A good experience.


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