52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Church 1 Week 1 – Franciscan Renewal Center – Catholic

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I made it!  Barely! to Church number 1 in my exploration of 52 Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Shrines, Mosques in 52 weeks.  Family obligations almost set me off my goal but somehow – by the grace of God, I suppose, I made it to “”Mass on the Grass”. Love the Franciscan Renewal Center and decided that I would end my 52 weeks here as well. I hadn’t been here in over two years. It’s fabulous that we can bring our blanket or puppies or jog in from a beautiful day to commune with our Lord. When the weather is awesome – and it usually is – bring a blanket and hang out with some toys and kiddos on the grass. Misters and a large shade awning keep the parishioners cooler in the summer months. It’s perfect for families with children who prefer to roam around instead of sitting in their seats. My little one and I visited the new circular Prayer Room. It was incredible. I felt like I had entered a star chamber of sorts. It had a slight Asian feel and reminded me of temples that I’ve visited in Japan.

So far we have been invited to Mass in Philadelphia, a Vietnamese Catholic Church, a Christian Church, a Siek Temple and a Unitarian Church. We are on our way and excited about the journey. Above are some photos from our day!

You can learn more by visiting their website at www.thecasa.org


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