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Week 45 – Our Lady of Sorrows – Roman Catholic Latin Mass

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Set out Sunday morning without a plan and ended up at Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Latin Mass. Sometimes God just puts you where He wants you to be. This church is located on a narrow stretch of land, tucked behind a gate and pine trees at 7th Street and Baseline in South Phoenix.

Our Lady of Sorrows is very traditional. The women wear modest clothing and lacy veils covering their heads. The men wear proper suit type attire and there is not a pair of jeans or flip-flops in sight. I had the sense that I was among very devout people. The altar boys wore frocks that harkened back to days long gone – for most of us anyway.

I entered the Church just a few minutes late and realized I had placed myself in line for confession. Old fashion doors with a light indicating “occupied” awaited. Yikes! I haven’t done that since I was 14 years old. Amazing how long the line was. And so many children ready to give away their sins. How brave.

The Priest was a passionate, compelling, convicted, imploring speaker focused on the care of our souls and sacred places. He cautioned us against letting darkness into our lives through tv, video and music. We must protect ourselves and our souls. I was so moved that I actually considered joining this church when my 52 weeks are up.

The altar was amazingly beautiful with the Virgin Mary in soft pastel creams, pinks and blues. It was adorned with crisp white cloth trimmed in golden thread. As a big believer in honoring God through art and creating beautiful spaces as an expression of our love for Him, I was in love with this church.

The Mass was conducted in English with all the prayers in Latin. I had expected the entire Mass to be in Latin so this was just perfect. I am open to not having a clue via language but it’s good to really hear the message in the vernacular. The kneelers were much harder than I was used to but I suppose bones cracking is a small price to pay in comparison for the price Jesus paid on the cross.

To learn more please visit: http://ourladyofsorrows.org/

Our Lady of Sorrows is raising funds to build a large church on the adjoining property and is accepting our donations in the event you have a little extra cash to spare see the link above.


One thought on “Week 45 – Our Lady of Sorrows – Roman Catholic Latin Mass

  1. That sounds like a beautiful church filled with God’s spirit! If it were closer I would attend.

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