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Week 17 – Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Christian

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Dignified. This, in a word, is how I would describe my experience today at the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church I attended in Mesa on Horne. The ladies in dresses, the men in full suits and ties carrying briefcases. Everyone so proper. I was thankful that I hadn’t dressed down this morning. Not a pair of flip-flops or shorts in sight!

I hadn’t made a concrete plan yet as to where I would go to church today and after dropping the big girls at an activity in Mesa I cruised through the area and viola! There I was, just in time to attend church with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many of our stereotypes probably originate from TV, friends and family but this congregation did not meet any of my stereotypical thoughts. It was actually very exciting to be so completely wrong.

The leading Brother talked about how man glorifies man with things like Nobel Prizes. He asked us to focus on Glorifying God in all that we do and not to seek glory for ourselves. Jesus’s life left us an example of how to do just this. It is not enough just to know God, we must glorify Him. As we walk through our lives we are encouraged to give according to our ability, talent, and circumstances. We are to be a Witness for God. Ask yourself – do you do just enough – are you a token giver, or do you serve wholeheartedly?

After the Brother spoke the WatchTower Leader taught directly from the WatchTower magazine. It was fascinating. The narrator read passages and the Leader asked questions of the congregation. Hands went up, people spoke and shared. They wanted to participate. I was surrounded by a lot of really smart, articulate people who knew their bible and were pleased to “witness for God”. I suspect this thorough knowledge of the magazine helps the congregation out in the field while conducting their “house to house ministry”. They acknowledged that sometimes the house to house ministry can result in discouragement but that they have been tasked with Witnessing for God and they must do the work God has given them. God will take care of the outcome.

I have had Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on my door for years and I always politely decline based on my previous stereotypes and the idea of not letting strangers in my home. But what I experienced today has caused me to reconsider the closed-door. Think back – they are always properly dressed, they are polite, they are considerate, they respect your “No”.

I recall a time when two men rang the bell and I had just suffered another miscarriage. I almost burst out crying. I wondered if God may have sent them to me. I wanted to ask something, anything, but I couldn’t clearly articulate my thoughts. Again, I politely turned them away even though I was desperate to know what they might have that might give me peace.

I have no idea what happens once they enter the home but if I do decide to let them talk to me about God I will set the expectation up front that I only have 20 minutes, or whatever.

The music was simple and sweet, the people refined. It was a pleasure to share my morning with these witnesses for God and I suspect that God has handled this outcome.

To Learn More Visit: http://www.watchtower.org/


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