52 Churches 52 Weeks

Worship Exploration Journey

Week 8 Church 8 – Living Waters Fellowship Calvary Chapel Coronado – Christian

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Walked to church while cramming in a last-minute summer vacation in Coronado, California. Was a gorgeous day and my first out-of-state church along the journey. I was highly motivated to get there no matter what. The pastor wore flip-flops and fondly recalled his misspent youth of dropping acid and tripping on LSD before Jesus found him – or he found Jesus.

The pastor was the second to announce that he grew up Catholic. Interesting. This church was the longest service yet – a whole hour and a half. Lots of music – maybe 40 minutes! A small congregation, many sporting Hawaiian shirts. They announced Church in the Park in August and September. Sounds like fun. Tissue boxes in each row – I loved that – just in case I might have cried; which I didn’t, but I could have, right? The church was not a stand alone building but in an office complex of sorts. About 50 people and double the amount of Amens.

The Pastor had his tablet on the podium and scrolled through his notes as he spoke. Love the technology in many of the churches I visit. His message – worry eats at us and creates an internal need to jump into action and DO something. He reminded us to Trust in God with all our heart and wait on Him. Be quiet, trust that He will provide, trust in His will for us. Be willing to listen quietly. That is so hard to do in our crazy, frenzy paced, high tech and tethered life! I will add that to my daily task list:) Ready for a brisk walk home and then to the beach where I might quietly reflect on lunch while my children commune with a beautiful day and a vast ocean that represents the edges of His way. As the pastor said – heaven will not be boring. A good day.



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