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Church 2 Week 2 – St. Andrew the Apostle – Catholic

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Once again, I felt the major squeeze of time and coordinating the activities of a busy family tugging at me! I was willing to branch out and step away from the Catholic Mass but most Christian churches hold services on Sunday and I knew that if I didn’t attend services on Saturday I just wouldn’t get there and by week 2 I would have already failed! I am so highly scheduled in my daily life with work and children that going to church has fallen pretty low on my task list.

Thrilled to report that I attended the 5:00 p.m. Saturday Mass at St. Andrew the Apostle in Chandler, AZ. They honored Fathers at this Mass.

Really great courtyard, fountain and trees. St. Andrew’s flashes the words and songs on the wall so everyone can follow along. Loved that!

So many people made attending mass a priority in their lives. Maybe mass is not just another task to cross off the Almighty To Do list. Maybe it is just an hour out of their weekend, or a joy to attend, or a quiet time to pray and reflect while participating in a chosen community.

Here is the Link to St. Andrew the Apostle http://www.standrew-cfc.org/

Next week – a committment to branch out!


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