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Church 4 Week 4 – Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church

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Today was such a cool experience. Mass celebrated completely in Vietnamese. A Catholic Church with Western and strong Asian influences. Choir dressed in beautiful colors, silk traditional wear for the women – gorgeous. Father Joseph was so sweet, he came over before Mass to let us know that this mass is celebrated in Vietnamese only. My mom says, “That’s why we’re here…” For years she had attended Most Holy Trinity, where they were previously located.

Attending with Candace and I were my Mom, sister Stacia, her three kids – Ashley, Colin and Natalie and friend George. The unfamiliar sounds of singing and chanting were music to our ears.

Above the alter was a wonderful cross with Jesus. You don’t always see Jesus on the Cross. Sometimes it’s just a cross, sometimes it’s the Risen Jesus, sometimes it’s nothing at all.

After Mass a couple of people came to tell us that the announcements included a Beef and Noodle lunch in the hall. Mimi had already promised the kids Dunkin Donuts – and what’s a Catholic Mass without DD, right? Unless you prefer Beef and Noodles!

Would highly recommend this church if you are interested in broadening your horizons and exposing your mind to something very different, yet remarkably similar.

See this article to learn more about how the Vietnamese escaped persecution, came to America and waited 10 years to build their own church.


Happy Independence Day America!


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